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Topic: DQ2 spoilers!

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  • DQ2 spoilers!

    Hey, just followed a link to the interview over on the UK Roleplayers site. Ward gives some exciting info away about the upcoming sequel. I thought I'd post some of the details. I'm so excited!! Factions and possible return of Eldias Falks. And zombies!

    Re: size
    You’ll probably need a wheelbarrow to carry it in – I’m fully expecting it to be bigger than Legion of Shadow. The reason for this is that there will be more potential paths and more replay ability. For example, Act 1 will actually have two different factions – and your choices will lead you to side with one faction for the climax of that act, determining the careers and items you will have access to. So that alone is a lot of writing right there. To be honest, there is so much cool stuff in DQ2 I don’t know where to start. As I have mentioned before, sales will determine the future of this series. Looking on the gloomy side for a moment (hey, I’m allowed to be emo, ok!) book 2 could be my swan song, so I want to definitely go out with a bang

    Re: Eldias
    For those who enjoyed ‘The count’s ball’ quest in The Legion of Shadow, well DQ2 has a sort of sequel to that quest. It should throw up a few surprises… and a lot of zombies. It was great fun to write, so I hope it proves the same to play

    I have two favourite characters. The first relates to my previous answer: Eldias Falks, the witchfinder. I just find witchfinders/witch hunters cool full stop – the whole idea that you have these guys who risk their life on a daily basis to combat the very worst that the night can throw at them: demons, vampires, zombies… They’re sort of the James Bond of the fantasy world, with all their insane weapons and gadgets, finely honed for the single purpose of eradicating evil in ever more imaginative ways. They’re great!

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  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    Awesome interview. I love the story about the rpg scenario! lol We all know those types!

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    Glad you liked it! Yes, I have plenty more anecdotes where that came from, trust me! ;)

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    Oh, lots of fun information. It's sounding great!

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