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Topic: Collectormania loot cards

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  • Collectormania loot cards

    Mike are you going to be selling all 9 of the cards at the show including the epics and the Betsy Compass? If that is the case I might be coming over!!

    Edit: and how much?!

  • Re: Collectormania loot cards

    All of a sudden my weekend plans are a changing......

  • Re: Collectormania loot cards


    Yes, all the cards will be available to buy. I do have to stress though, that the epics are in very short supply so it will be a 'first come, first served' basis I am afraid. It's a £1.00 a card.

    May see you there then! ;)

  • Re: Collectormania loot cards

    I'm gonna get myself one of those sweet Crown of Valours

  • Re: Collectormania loot cards

    I managed to get my grubby mits on 8 of them but crown was sold out and that was at 11am still happy with my loot!

  • Re: Collectormania loot cards

    Dark, Blokka, did you manage to get any loot cards? I was gutted I couldn't make the show. I would have liked to get some of them I did check eBay this morning on the off chance......

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