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Topic: items

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  • items

    ok say I have a sword that is +1 brawn. next reward I get is a sword that is +2 brawn. does my brawn go up to +3 or does it only go up to +2? when i get rid of an item do my attribute scores change to reflect the new items I receive?

  • Re: items

    When you upgrade items you are losing the item you currently had equipped (so you would lose any bonuses it gave you). Then you receive the bonuses from the new item

    So if you had a +1 brawn sword and want to replace it with a +2 brawn sword, then your hero would have +2 brawn (as you have lost the sword that gave you +1)

    Basically, your hero's stats are decided by the equipment that they currently have showing on the hero sheet, not the previous equipment that they had.

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