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Topic: Spells and passives

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  • Spells and passives

    Got the book at the weekend. All great stuff but I want to check something about the rules.
    Spells like ignite. They cause health damage so do they also pass on bleed to your enemy? If I am reading it right then it does but seemed a bit strange for a fire spell to do bleed damage.

  • Re: Spells and passives

    Hi. i reckon this might answer your question. From the faq:

    8. If I have an ability that can damage more than one opponent, such as ignite, does that mean all my passive effects (like bleed and disease) are applied to all opponents also?

    If you have a combat ability that causes health damage to a number of opponents, then all those opponents will suffer damage from your passive abilities at the end of each round – subject to each ability’s description. So, if you were fighting three opponents and used ignite, then those three opponents would also suffer bleed, venom and disease damage – if you have those abilities

  • Re: Spells and passives

    aha, perhaps I should pay more attention to the previous posts! Missed the FAQ but thanks for pointing it out

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