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Topic: using abilities

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  • using abilities

    This is a very addictive book! Was awake most of the night thinking about strategies and what I want to change and improve about my hero. Awesome book!

    I want to just check I am playing the game right. You have a few ablities that do the same effect like webbed and knockdown. I take it that if I had both I can use them BOTH in a combat (even though they have same effect which is reduce one speed dice).

    Duno't know if I explained that very well but hope someone gets what I mean!

  • Re: using abilities

    Welcome to the forums!

    Yes, I think I understand your question ;) You can use each ability once in combat; so in your example you would be able to use webbed and knockdown in the same combat.

    Every ability is a 'separate ability' even if they share the same description in the glossary (which was done on occasion to save space!).

  • Re: using abilities

    Sound! Thank you. I thought I was playing it correctly but wanted to check! Can't wait to get stuck into it again tonight.

  • Re: using abilities

    Welcome to the forums Epsilon, I'm new around here too.

    You talked about spending long hours thinking about the book and improving your character. It also sounds like you also haven't finished the book (my fourth character has only finished Act I, the other three characters I gave up on).

    My first character tried to max out armour, but I found combat was boring when I didn't have enough speed, I found I was rolling the dice a lot, getting hit a lot for a small amount of damage, and then eventually dying.

    By my fourth character I felt like I was starting to get a good balance of stats and abilities, but I also found that the I had tried almost all the paths in the green and orange quests. I knew the consequences on my choices so those moment lacked surprise and was less fun. I was thinking more about min-maxing my character than the story and the choices.

    I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably have more fun finishing the book if I stop re-rolling and just stick with my current character all the way through to the end of the book.

    So... how far have you got through the book? What have your experiences with it being like?

  • Re: using abilities

    Hi FabLandFan, were you playing warrior when you had armour problems? Ive played it through as a cavalier/tank (I uploaded my hero to the other forum) and I'm now playing it a second time as a ranger with the hope of getting inquisitor. I said this in another thread but playing warr you just need to be smart about where you put your points. Warrs have to balance three stats (speed, brawn and armour) where the others just have two to worry about. If you are heavy armour then think about the abilities you have. Passives and retaliation powers help you loads.

    Sounds like you are experimenting quite a bit and can only be a good thing in a long run. Your next hero will be better!

  • Re: using abilities

    Thanks for the welcomes

    Fablandfan I'm in act 3 with my mage. I can't say that I have had problems with balancing my attributes, maybe I chose the easy option with mage as I only need speed and magic really. Some hard fights in act 2 but all going ok. I did the waking dead quest which was awesome, my favourite one, and now have the blue, red, and boss quests left to do. Love the book so much! I play warcraft and games waaaaay too much so this feels second nature to me. and a lot of fun! As i play I am already planning how to make a good warrior and rogue. I could be here for a while

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