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Topic: Missing Map?

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  • Missing Map?

    Now I'm not sure if I'm just being a total brain-dead moron here... But where exactly is this map? I'm pretty sure I've looked everywhere in the book, and everywhere on the internet, and on the forums too... But I've seen no mention of anyone not being able to find this map... Is it a separate sheet or is it in the book itself? Is it online or something? Or has it been simply lost in the mail?

    Normally I wouldn't fuss, but I can't find the maps anywhere on the internet either, they don't seem to be on google images or anything.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Re: Missing Map?

    What map are you talking about? They are in the book......!?!

  • Re: Missing Map?

    The map with all the quests on and their respective difficulty... It's nowhere to be found in the book... Is it attached? Is it on the pages of the book or is it detachible?

  • Re: Missing Map?

    Hey hun, I think you are talking about the three colour maps (there is another map later in the book which is part of a quest I think). They should be right after the prologue section before all the numbers start. If not then there is a problem with your book.

  • Re: Missing Map?

    Waits for the penny to drop.

  • Re: Missing Map?

    I think its a troll. Or a very very unlucky gamer with a defective book. I know what I'd put my money on but /shrug.

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