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Topic: Potion and Ability use question

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  • Potion and Ability use question


    I got a minor question regarding the rules of something.

    It is said that anytime you can drink a potion. Does that means that you drink it at the start of combat round
    you drink it when it's convenient for you - i.e. "Oh, I need 1 more dice result, let me drink my speed potion so I can win this round"

    Same applies for abilities with similar effect.

  • Re: Potion and Ability use question

    Yes, you can drink potions any time that you want to - before or after rolling dice.

    For abilities, you declare your use of the ability before rolling dice (speed and combat). The exceptions to this rule are the 'strike back' combat abilities that you use when an opponent has caused damage, and modifier abilities that you can use whenever you want (after rolling dice, if you wish).

    If you are in doubt, I'd urge you to take a look at the hero vs. hero rules. They lay out this in a little more detail.

  • Re: Potion and Ability use question

    Thank you good Sir

  • Re: Potion and Ability use question

    Hello. Could you answer my question please : )

    Potions in combat. Can I use a speed potion and a combat potion in the same round like you can abilities? The rules say only use one potion a round but is this the type of potion or all potions?

  • Re: Potion and Ability use question

    I take it as meaning that it doesn't matter what type of potion it is you can only use one. The potions are all meant to be generic backpack items. That's how I played it anyway!

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