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Topic: Quest Questions

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  • Quest Questions

    The rules mentioned that we can start a different quest when we die, try the current quest again at the entry where we died or go to town.

    If I choose that instead of going back immediately to where I die in the current quest, does this mean I can't go back to this quest again at the same entry at a later date?

  • Re: Quest Questions

    I read it that you can rejoin the quest whenever you want to.

  • Re: Quest Questions

    Are you two related? ;) Yes, you can revisit the quest where you died any time you want (by returning to the entry number where you were defeated). As it states in the rules:

    If a fight is proving particularly tricky, it probably means you should try some other quests first, to get better equipment for your hero.

  • Re: Quest Questions

    Thanks DQ. That helps. And nope, we're not related. I'm from Singapore. Just received my collector's edition from yourself.

    Grew up with gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and Fabled Lands.
    Am looking forward to playing it.

  • Re: Quest Questions

    I was switching quests in my game, but I realized it was a little odd when I would give away my weapons, to miraculously pick them up again just by switching to another quest, and miraculously drop them when I returned (especially if I was being held prisoner...)

  • Re: Quest Questions

    Are you referring to the Count's Ball where you give away your main hand and left hand weapons? Yes, there is one instance in that quest where if you don't defeat the count at the end you 'could' return to the quest map.

    However, if you do, you should keep the items you have equipped. There is no rule or mention in the text that you get your old weapons back. In order to obtain them you have to complete the Count's Ball.

    So, if you can't defeat the Count (and he should be pretty easy by that stage), then a quick visit to the potion maker might be in order to stock up on some health pots!

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