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Topic: Quests

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  • Quests

    How do I remember if I have completed a quest? Are we allowed to repeat them?

  • Re: Quests

    Won't you remember what you have read? Each of the individual quests has their own story so I don't think you will forget where you have been.

  • Re: Quests

    Thanks for the quick reply. I currently snatch a few minutes here and there when I can to read DQ, so I will tend to forget which pages I have visited. Of course, when I have flipped to the paragraph and start reading, I will know if I have been there. But it is frustrating having to constantly search for a quest that I have not yet done.

    That said, does your reply mean that each quest should only be visited once?

  • Re: Quests

    I think the ruling (from Da Boss, elsewhere) is that you should only really do a quest with a particular character once. Makes sense, as you can't necessarily argue that the monster respawns. This makes your choices important.

    It depends on your play style though. I'm rather fond of mapping out the links, so I have a tendency to explore all the options in the quest. This would make the quests boring though, so I run three different characters, and take different routes depending on their temperament. Then I just write down where each of those have got to, and how they got there, so I don't repeat the same path again.

  • Re: Quests

    You only play teh quests once and there aren't so many you would get confused i don't think. There are different paths in each one so you can do them again with another hero and try it differently, like what Robin says.

  • Re: Quests

    make a copy of the maps and cross off quests you allready solved and if you died write down the number of the reference to return there whenever you want.

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