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Topic: Combat speed check tie & auto damage

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  • Combat speed check tie & auto damage

    First off, I'd like to say, I'm new here and I only heard about this series for the first time a couple of weeks ago but it immediately piqued my interest. After doing a few mins of reading up on the series and mechanics, I couldn't order fast enough! I received "The Legion of Shadow" in the mail couple of days ago and started it yesterday...I can't put it down. I am an avid table-top RPG player (DM) and also boardgamer, both solo and with a group. Needless to say this book is right up my alley and I'm loving it. Its well written and it really scratches that solo itch and in such a light weight non-cumbersome way! Great work!

    Anyways, now that, that has been said, my question is regarding tied dice rolls during the speed check while in combat and automatic damage that is to be applied at the end of a combat round. (hopefully I haven't simply overlooked this in the rules!) I had come across a creature that would apply auto DAM at the end of every round due to it's aura, but a couple or times our speed checks, after all was calculated, were a dead tie...I assume that still counts as a full combat round, just with no successful hits landed and because I am still in combat with that creature, I do in fact take that auto DAM, is this correct? Thats how I played that encounter...and man..the few ties really made it a nerve racking close call encounter! Again, great stuff and great fun!!!

  • Re: Combat speed check tie & auto damage

    Hi Hando, welcome to the forums!

    Yes, you are correct - when you tie for speed check (and have no modifier abilities to influence the dice) then the combat is a draw and you move immediately to the passive damage step. So, yes, you played the encounter correctly.

    I hope you continue to enjoy LoS. It is probably the more combat focused of all the books in the series. From Book 2 onwards the adventures become a lot more about choices and outcomes. Anyway, good luck on your adventures!

  • Re: Combat speed check tie & auto damage

    Thanks for the quick response!... And yeah, I'm loving it and I've already thought to myself "I'm looking forward to seeing how this series evolves".... And from what you've said, it seems like I have lots to look forward to! Already looking to order the next books! ;)

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