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Topic: Written 'words', on character sheet

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  • Written 'words', on character sheet

    I've encountered many times in the book requirements for different words to be written on my char sheet, otherwise proceed at another entry. And I began wondering, after a long while without many of those words on my sheet, are there any situations when you're not prompted to write them? Like the game wishes you to 'take notes', when we consider some things of greater importance?

  • Re: Written 'words', on character sheet

    Don't worry, the book text makes it very clear if you need to record a keyword on your herosheet. These are to record important story choices, that may have an impact later.

    At other times, you may come across objects that are not backpack objects, but you might be told to 'make a note' of them on your herosheet. This is just a reminder to you that you have that item, but it doesn't count towards your limited backpack space.

  • Re: Written 'words', on character sheet

    Thank you!

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