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Topic: Damage

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  • Damage

    Hey there! Thank you for this great adventure, I'm halfway through Act 2, first book, enjoying it a lot, though it's mostly combat.
    So my questions are:
    1. Does thorns apply bleed?
    2. Can I apply first cut to an enemy, and hit with the damage die another one?

  • Re: Damage

    Glad you are enjoying it. Yes, I’m afraid book one is much more combat focused than the rest in the series.

    The answer is ‘yes’ to both your questions.

  • Re: Damage

    Thank you for the very fast reply, and especially for the game (experience)! I'm not bothered by the fact that the first book is more combat oriented!
    It seems I've been playing the hard way, with the answer "No" to both...

    Thank you for the clarification, and for the continuing support! Will gladly come back here for any issues might arise!
    Cheers, and all the best!

  • Re: Damage

    Sorry, I've asked the question #2 wrong: what I meant is can I apply first cut to one enemy and roll for damage against another one?

  • Re: Damage

    First cut happens before combat begins - so yes, if you were facing off against multiple opponents, you could use it on one opponent (and it would inflict bleed etc.) - then when rolling in combat, you could choose to focus on another opponent.

  • Re: Damage

    Also concerning damage:
    1. Cleave is unaffected by brawl/magic, but does sear add +1 to the result?
    2. And what about thorns? Same as cleave?

    Thank you!

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