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Topic: Clarification about advanced combat

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  • Clarification about advanced combat

    Hello, when I was reading the document "Advanced Combat", there is something that I did not understand: why did the Minorian get 4 health damages at the end of every combat round with the abilities Venom and Bleed ? I thought the Minorian should get 3 health damages (and not 4): 2 for Venom + 1 for Bleed.
    Am I wrong or do I miss something ?
    Many thanks for your help !

  • Re: Clarification about advanced combat

    And Happy New Year to all of you ;-)

  • Re: Clarification about advanced combat

    Hi Prim

    The hero has the assassin career (from Legion of Shadow) so he has the 'Deadly poisons' ability. This gives +1 to the venom ability.

    It's not obvious, I must admit!

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