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Topic: Exploration(possible spoilers)

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  • Exploration(possible spoilers)

    Firstly, wow! I'm really enjoying the first book, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this ends and playing the next books! I have a question:
    I just did the well quest in Tithebury and was wondering if you can go back and explore the other areas? I chose the ending where I lit the spider web and got smoked out but was wondering if you can take some of the other routes?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Re: Exploration(possible spoilers)

    Hi Teddy

    Once you complete a quest then it is essentially 'completed' and you can't go back to it with your current character. Although, obviously, if you play through the book again then you can try some of the routes that you missed.

    Hope that helps.


  • Re: Exploration(possible spoilers)

    It does thank you!

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