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Topic: Garriot's Tomb

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  • Garriot's Tomb

    Quick question about this quest. If I free the light demon, it doesn't mention one way or the other if I get to restore my HP etc. I'm guessing if it doesn't say, then I don't get to. The problem is that the next fight seems basically impossible if I've already taken a beating freeing the light demon, and the very small bonus I get for freeing Azimus seems basically to make no difference. Is it just that I don't have the right build to take that path through the delve? Given the healing, increasing abilities and damage over time you face in the flesh demon, I'm not really seeing how it could be possible.

  • Re: Garriot's Tomb

    That's an oversight on my part. Yes, you do heal after the fight to free the light demon. Otherwise, like you say, the final fight would be impossible!

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