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Topic: Charm - once per combat or combat round?

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  • Charm - once per combat or combat round?

    I am starting to think that I may of been using the "charm ability" incorrectly during Legion of Shadows but I realize even the wording is different in The Heart of Fire.
    Now that I look at the wording in HOF it says "each charm can only be used once per combat"....
    So does that mean I can use Charm once per combat round, or does it mean I can use it once per combat?
    In LOS I used charm if needed each combat round but with the new wording I am now doubting that I played correctly.
    Can you please confirm for me what the ruling is?


  • Re: Charm - once per combat or combat round?

    It's only once per combat.

    But if you have multiple items with charm, then (unlike most other abilities) you can use for each one you have.

    So if your hero had two items with charm - you can use charm twice in a combat. It works similar to heal in that respect.

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