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Topic: Pound

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  • Pound

    The description says:
    "A mighty blow that increases your damage score by three."

    I was just wondering if there is a certain point at which you should commit to using the ability.
    I mean, is it before you roll for the damage score, or can it be after you have rolled that you decide to add 3 to the score?

  • Re: Pound

    A very good question.

    1. The following combat abilities must be committed to before rolling for a damage score:

    dark pact, deep wound, impale, overload, piercing, pound, surge.

    2. The following combat abilities can be played once you have caused health damage to your opponent:

    corruption, cripple, disrupt, rust, shock.

    The updated hero vs. hero rules make this more explicit (previously, the hvh rules were rather misleading!).

    Obviously, modifier abilities (savagery, critical strike, dominate etc.) can be played at any time, depending on their description.

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