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Topic: Final Boss - Legion of Shadows

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  • Final Boss - Legion of Shadows

    During this last chapter / quest, you must face many monsters etc and in a lot of cases once you defeat them it says you do not restore your health, does that also mean you do not restore your special abilities?
    And when you are told to restore your heath then do you get to restore all your abilities as you would normally between battles and quests?
    Thanks, really enjoying the book but just want to make sure I am playing it correctly especially during the last fight.
    Already have the 2nd book and am looking forward to starting it once I defeat the legion of Shadows

  • Re: Final Boss - Legion of Shadows

    Hi Bronan

    Glad you enjoying the book. You can restore your abilities between combats, it is only your health that you cannot restore (in that particular quest) unless you are told to do so by reaching certain 'safe points'.

    Good luck!


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