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Topic: Fighting the troll

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  • Fighting the troll

    1) When fighting the troll, if he gets consecutive knockdown's does my speed continue to lose 1 point for the next round? And once I win a round then my speed goes back to what it was originally?

    2) Also, does the knockdown rule only take effect if I actually take "Health" damage, so say I take damage but I have enough armour that I dont lose any health, so then the knockdown does not take effect? Or does taking damage on your armour also count as taking health damage?

    Cheers, I am really loving this book and cant put it down

  • Re: Fighting the troll

    Glad you enjoying the book!

    To answer your queries:

    1) Your speed is only reduced by 1 for the next round. If the troll gets consecutive knockdowns, then your speed is still only reduced by 1. They don't stack.

    2) You are correct, the troll has to take *health* damage. If your armour absorbs all the damage then the special ability does not trigger.

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