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Topic: Using Abilities in Combat

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  • Using Abilities in Combat

    I have both the Prophecy and Might of Stone Abilities.

    Looking at both definitions in the Glossary, it would appear that they could both be used either separately or together in a Combat Round - is that correct please. Thank you.

  • Re: Using Abilities in Combat

    Yes, they can be used in the same combat round - as Prophecy is a combat (co) ability and Might of Stone is a modifier (mo).

    You can use one combat ability (co) per combat round.
    You can use as many modifier abilities (mo) as you wish, per combat round.

    Just remember the golden rule, that you can only use an ability once per combat - once used you can't use it again. Unless otherwise stated - or you have an ability that lets you restore an ability you have used.

    Good luck!

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