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Topic: When to go to map?

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  • When to go to map?

    Hi, books seem fantastic in the idea and scope I'm really looking forward to this.

    I'm not sure when you can go back to the map. I've found on this forum that you CAN go back to the map at any point from a village even though the choices don't state this (book 1).
    But can you go back to the map at any point during a quest or are you locked into the quest until resolution or death?

    Just not quite sure how free the map is.

    Thanks so much for any help.


  • Re: When to go to map?

    Yes, you can return to the map whenever you want whilst in a village/town/camp.

    With quests, once started, you technically must keep going with the quest until it has been completed - but if you are defeated in combat during a quest, you do have the option (if the combat is proving too difficult or frustrating) to return to the map,in order to explore another location.

    Hope that helps.

    I always advise readers start with Book Two, which has a better difficulty curve and is a more polished experience - then go back to Book One once you have some experience of the game and its mechanics. Book One can prove a hard struggle for a lot of new players (I know, counter intuitive...) and can put some people off the series.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the books!

  • Re: When to go to map?

    Thanks very much, appreciated.

    Enjoying it a lot so far and have all for books so looking forward to the experience.

    Appreciate your clarification on the map thanks.


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