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Topic: Question about Loot Master (pa)

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  • Question about Loot Master (pa)

    I'm considering being a pickpocketer in the start of Act 2 (LoS) because the abilities are so convenient. But I know if I change my career down the road I'll lose my abilities.

    My question is, if/when I lose my Loot Master ability from switching careers, will I have to subtract any gold I've gained along the way from using the ability?

  • Re: Question about Loot Master (pa)

    No. Keep the gold. You were a Loot Master when you got it. You just have to stop taking extra gold after you switch careers, and remember you can never switch back to Loot Master.

  • Re: Question about Loot Master (pa)

    in the LoS bonus content: Glossary: Special abilities (version 1.2)

    Loot master (pa): You no longer suffer restrictions on how many rewards you can
    choose from, when restrictions are given. You cannot, however, choose items that
    belong to other paths or careers.

    Whic is the correct Loot master ability?
    no restriction or the 20 extra gold if we don't take the rewards?

  • Re: Question about Loot Master (pa)

    Hi Gilgamesh

    The Pickpocket career was revamped for the Gollancz edition of the book - and the loot master ability was changed. The current loot master ability is:

    If you do not wish to choose a reward when you defeat an enemy, then you may award yourself an extra 20 gold crowns instead.

    Always assume the glossary (on the downloads page) is the most up to date with info.

  • Re: Question about Loot Master (pa)

    perfect, thank you.
    Check the glossary 1.2 in the download page, because it has the old Loot Master ability.

  • Re: Question about Loot Master (pa)

    Ah okay, will get that updated at some point. Thanks!

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