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Topic: Questions about Backpack Space

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  • Questions about Backpack Space

    Noob here. I'm about to begin my first Blue Quest after completing all the easier quests in Act 1, and I wanted to get some things straight before I buy potions like crazy.

    In the prologue of Book 1, does the letter to Avian Dale take up a slot in the backpack? It didn't explicitly tell me to write it on my sheet, but it did describe my hero putting it in the backpack.

    I know that if you die, all your potions you used don't return. But if I win a fight, do I refill my backpack with those "1 use" potions and elixirs I used in battle?

  • Re: Questions about Backpack Space

    Hi Ethan

    No, the letter does not take up a backpack space. If there is ever a quest item (or narrative item) that is intended to take up a space, then the text will explicitly tell you that. So no worries.

    Once a potion is used, it is gone. So whether you win or lose a combat, if a potion is used, then it has been consumed and should be removed from your pack.

    Check that you are playing the purple logo version of the book (see the cover). If it's purple then that is the updated version. If it has the green logo, then you are playing the slightly harder version (where potions are more expensive, for example).

    To see the changes, you can check out this thread:

  • Re: Questions about Backpack Space

    Thank you for the clarification! I have the updated version, and it's a blast.

  • Re: Questions about Backpack Space

    Glad you are enjoying the first book! They only get better, I promise

    If you continue to enjoy Legion, then posting a review on Amazon would be wonderful, as positive reviews really help boost sales! Cheers.

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