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Topic: Returning to quests

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  • Returning to quests

    Hello. I've only just discovered these books and I'm hooked. had a quick look for an answer to my question and couldn't find it.

    I know you can return to a quest if you die and restart from where you were. My question is if I make a decision such as 'if you decide not to help her then you return to the map' (best in show is the example i'm thinking of. not got the book in front of me). Is that it then? have I locked myself out of that quest or can I change my mind when I realise I'm too under-powered to move on to the next level of quests

  • Re: Returning to quests

    Sorry for having missed your post!

    If a quest ever tells you to 'return to the map' then the quest is over and cannot be returned to.

    Quests can never be repeated.

  • Re: Returning to quests

    That's what I suspected. Thanks for Clarifying

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