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Topic: Question about rust and corrode.

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  • Question about rust and corrode.

    Either of these reduces your enemies armour by 2. Do you benefit from the capability of doing the 2 extra damage on the same combat round you use the ability or do you need to wait for the next round?

  • Re: Question about rust and corrode.

    I would argue no, because it says if your damage score causes damage, you can also inflict rust/ cast corrode. So the damage already has been done, so it takes effect when you roll for damage starting next round. Plus it emphasizes that it lasts for the remainder of combat, implying that it starts next round.

  • Re: Question about rust and corrode.


  • Re: Question about rust and corrode.

    Cool . That is how I have been doing it as my logic was the same. What is annoying was that at one point I had both and I had missed the rule about it being a CO in that you could only apply one per combat round which is annoying me as I did not realise and I was just applying both at the same time ><. Pretty much most fights I was overkilling by a large margin without even taking 1 damage and having plenty of skills to spare so I am trying to tell myself I haven't cheated as they would have died easily anyway ><!

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