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Topic: Hexed. Does it count as one of the 8?

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  • Hexed. Does it count as one of the 8?

    As it is a passive ability does that mean I can only use 7 other abilities as effectively I am using the Hexed passive, (pa) every combat or can I use 8 abilities that aren't called Hexed?

  • Re: Hexed. Does it count as one of the 8?

    No, it's only listed as a passive ability so you have somewhere to write it on your Hero Sheet. Think of Hexed less as an ability and more of a condition you have, that makes you use only 8 abilities each combat (you can use different ones each combat). You have to choose which abilities you use and keep even closer track of which ones you use, since you're cut off at 8. Even if they tend to be automatic (like Sear or Bleed), you still have to decide whether to include them as one of the 8. In fact, if my opponent was immune to some of my abilities, it almost seemed like a blessing, since the choice was at least made for me. You said you thought Book Two was easier than the first book. Turns out, the author had something planned for you all along.

  • Re: Hexed. Does it count as one of the 8?

    Thanks for confirming. I did think it was this way as I am sure it would have said otherwise. I wanted to check as it is a passivel seat for example and because of OCD lol. Still not died but wow Mortzilla nearly got me! I had to use my last speed potion charge, a potion of invisibility and my Elixir of life for a full restore! It was very tense but fun ! I had a feeling picking up the staff would be bad but as I have to stick with my choices before reading one I had to take it. It is pretty powerful to be fair so I think I can make it work as having a 12 damage score means things USUALLY die quickly any way.

  • Re: Hexed. Does it count as one of the 8?

    Just checking something

    So I could choose Vindicator, Double punch and six others and use Double Punch with Vindicator twice and it would only count as two abilities?

  • Re: Hexed. Does it count as one of the 8?

    Yes, they would only count as two abilities.

  • Re: Hexed. Does it count as one of the 8?

    Excellent, I don’t feel that I’ve been cheating now. Struggling a bit with combat now due to this though

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