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Topic: Broken stat?

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  • Broken stat?

    It appears to me that speed is the game breaking stat. I tried to play a warrior that has as much in strength and armor as I could get my hands on. However, he has very low speed (in Act 2 he is 2 sp, 8 str, 2 ma, and 8 ar). Initially this meant that a fast character could just chip away at me 1 or 2 health per round, and unneeded a series of lucky rolls to win. The i got the ring of lightning and ring of thorns so I did 3 damage a round even if hit. Keep in mind I can do like 10-15 damage in one hit against average armor, but this is a rare feat. So health potions were a must for beating opponents with speed and decent strength to get to that lucky couple of rolls. Now I'm in act 2, and enemies have outrageous speeds like 7 and 9. The lava quest is outright impossible because they have high all stats and do damage every round no matter what. What SHOULD a warrior build look like?

  • Re: Broken stat?

    In fact, if you max out your speed and maybe get a few charm items, armor is pointless.

  • Re: Broken stat?

    Agree its a big problem with the first book. I tried many times to create a good tanky warrior but never got satisfying results. less of a issue in the other books because speed is on nearly everything and you can play around more. Legion punishes you for that because the monsters out lvel you quickly.

    Make speed priority then brawn is my advice.

  • Re: Broken stat?

    It is true that the first book can be unforgiving, particularly for warriors who have a greater choice of stats on their items. You want to keep your speed within 1 or 2 points of the current monsters you are facing. If you fall too far behind then you won't be able to keep up. This is not a problem in later books, as you can't fall behind in speed so easily, but in The Legion of Shadow the item choice is broader and there is less hand holding.

    In Book Four, which I am due to start, there are a lot of changes to the warrior path which will make tank builds and high armour much more viable and powerful. In Legion it is true to say that armour is one of the weaker stats, until you get into Act 3 and unlock some of the careers that make more use of it.

    Good luck!

  • Re: Broken stat?

    Oh good, it's not just me then. Wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong. Good to hear it is fixed in later books. I was stuck on the whole, speed is rogue, but i guess i could be a barbarian or something. I'm thinking of maybe trying to carry around all speed additive potions and really focusing on abilities (like the webbed armor or things that prevent knockdown, etc.)

  • Re: Broken stat?

    If it helps I am warrior on my play through. My stats are:

    8 sp 8 br 2 ar
    Abilities: sear, piercing, parry, evade, immobiliize, slam, trickster, heal, lightning, thorns

    I'm around the blue quest of act 2. No career but will pick up ranger I think.

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