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Topic: Passive damage death

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  • Passive damage death

    This has probably been answered earlier, but I can't quite find it. If you win a combat round and do enough damage to outright kill your opponent, do you suffer any passive damage at the end of the round? I'm replaying Book 1, and the Changeling's Black Fire was set to finish me off until I outmaneuvered him and smote him with a might blow. I gave myself the win.

    While I'm at it, what if passive damage happens to kill both you and your opponent at the end of the same round? I figure since your hero seems to come back from the dead, and your opponent doesn't, tie goes to you. That would've made a great gladiator match against King Louis, if you both drop dead at the same time, but only you get back up.

  • Re: Passive damage death

    Hi T-Man

    Passive damage would still occur at the end of the combat round that your opponent died. If that is enough to reduce your hero to zero, then technically you have lost the combat as you did not survive. At least, that was my intention with the combat rules but everyone is free to play the game how they wish and can house rule differently.

    In Book Four I will be tightening up the rules a bit, so will make the above clearer to readers.

    I do like the epic image of your King Louis battle, however. BTW, don't forget to pop reviews of the books on Amazon if you get the chance (you may have already done so). Always keen to get more positive reviews up there! Cheers.

  • Re: Passive damage death

    Then I'm glad I retroactively drank that Gourd of Healing to offset the passive damage, knowing I'd get another one at Avian's castle. A rule-tightening would be great, though that would surely lead to brand-new forum debates about what this and that rule means. Which we seem to love doing.

    I haven't posted Amazon reviews yet, but I will to try to get you some new American fans. Tell you what. When you officially for real start writing Book 4, let us know here, under News or Forums. Then I'll write five-star reviews for the first two books, and include the fact that you're now writing Book 4, probably out next year. I want to play Winter's Fury again before I review it, after I get those loot cards (reserve me a set). I'll e-mail you the details and send $$ via Paypal soon.

  • Re: Passive damage death

    I'll be starting Book Four in the next three or so weeks (all being well), once my current work commitments are out of the way. Don't worry, I'll be doing a news post when I start the writing and everything is confirmed as going ahead

  • Re: Passive damage death

    The Adventure Cow Legion of Shadow program doesn't do it that way as far as I can tell. Once the opponent takes enough damage to fall, all passive effects end. In fact, as I recall it the way it works is Clash/Damage occurs, then your Passive effects occur, then their passive effects occur.

    I can recall at least one battle with Allura where I had a Venom effect on her. I did enough damage so she still had 1-2 points standing, then the Venom effect occurred and she died before healing the 2 points back.

    I remember fighting Malaki and Spindle several times and not receiving Venom/Flame damage after reducing them to 0.

  • Re: Passive damage death

    Yes it is something that is open to interpretation as it isn't covered by the rules at the present time - so is something of a loop hole.

    I'll have a think about how best to rule it for Book Four. Perhaps it is better to go in the player's favour tbh and as soon as the last opponent is defeated the combat is immediately over, which is what Adventure Cow went for and I can see how that works much better for an interactive app.

    For now, I'll leave it up to individual players to decide how they want to rule it - then I'll update with Book Four.

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