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Topic: Rumble thumpers

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  • Rumble thumpers

    Hi, I don't understand about the reward named 'Rumble thumpers' and 'Belching Bludger'in DQ (616). Its abilities are knockdown/disease and it will be kept in feet box/main hand respectively. I cannot imagine what they look like. Please help me.

    Ps. I'm not an English native speaker.

  • Re: Rumble thumpers

    Yes, it is a shame the items don't come with pictures!

    I always imagined the rumble thumpers being big metal boots (that were worn by the Blob abomination). Due to the mad scientist's tinkering I imagine they will have lots of wires and tubes, and be constantly crackling with magic.

    The belching bludger is a round-headed mace that I picture as having small holes in the head, from which noxious gases are always escaping.

    If you happen to play the Legion of Shadow app ( all of the items have descriptions/background information.

  • Re: Rumble thumpers

    Thank you so much. I'd like to buy the game but my problem is... I don't have a credit card. Is there any other way to buy the game?

  • Re: Rumble thumpers

    Hi Grace, do you have Paypal or some other payment option? Email me at chris at and we can work something out!

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