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Topic: Were's Blood Frenzy

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  • Were's Blood Frenzy


    Quick question about the Were's Blood Frenzy ability.

    I assume that this ability only applies when you have used Shape Shift and are in bear form? The text implies this but isn't very explicit, so I was hoping for confirmation.


    (P.S. Yes - doing another run through of EoWF )

  • Re: Were's Blood Frenzy

    You're right, it's strongly implied you can only use Blood Frenzy once you've Shape Shifted, but not quite explicit. It should probably have said under Blood Frenzy that you can only use it after using Shape Shift. But since Shape Shift says after using it, you do benefit from Blood Frenzy, and you're also penalized by not being able to use other combat abilities, continue assuming you must Shape Shift before you can use Blood Frenzy.

  • Re: Were's Blood Frenzy

    The Blood Frenzy ability only applies if you have activated Shape Shift.

    Part of the confusion probably stems from the fact that most of that description comes in the actual Shape Shift ability description:

    While in bear form, you cannot use combat abilities but you do benefit t from blood frenzy. Once you have shape shifted, you cannot change back until the combat is over.

    And a line probably needs adding to the Blood Frenzy description to clarify that it only comes into play once you have have used Shape Shift.

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