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Topic: Moving Books

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  • Moving Books

    So ive just finished the first book. do i bring the hero i have in that book into the next book?
    if not what do i do?

  • Re: Moving Books

    No, you will start a completely new character for Book 2. You'll start with a fresh character sheet, begin by reading the prologue, make choices, fight battles, and get better stuff, just like Book 1.

    However, keep the completed character sheet for your Book 1 character. In Book 2, you'll have the option of fighting team battles, where Book 1 guy teams up with your current Book 2 guy. Team battle rules are given at the beginning of Book 2, though they're kind of complicated. If you don't want to use your Book 1 character, you can use one from the Post Your Hero! forum.

  • Re: Moving Books

    As T-Man says, your character is different in Book 2 so you start from scratch - but you will have three opportunities to team up with your Book 1 Character for some really tough (optional) fights.

    Your Book 1 character also puts in an appearance in Book 2 whether or not you choose to fight the team battles (which I would suggest you do, as some of the rewards are worth it and you can choose a reward for both characters!).

    The great thing about DQ is that the story has an over arching theme and the characters that you create in each book are central to that major theme and they will all interact and affect each other. It's pretty epic!

    Enjoy! I think Book 2 is my favourite of the three so far.

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