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Topic: Runes/Glyphs and item damage

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  • Runes/Glyphs and item damage

    If I put a special like terrordactyl scales (+1A) on an item that already has 2 specials, and then later I have to take a point of damage to an item, and I choose the +1A from the scales, does that free up a special slot on that item for another rune later?

  • Re: Runes/Glyphs and item damage

    I assume you are referring the moment in entry 85 when you have to lower a single attribute by 1 on a head, chest or cloak item. Hmm, good question - it is sort of a rules grey area.

    I would say that it doesn't free up a slot. Although you might have lost the effect, the rune/glyph was still applied to the item and is technically present - you just elected to lose its effect.

    Otherwise, I think rules wise, it could get a bit messy.

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