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Topic: Fighting multiple opponents

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  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    i thought it was 1 damage not 1 damage die

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    Good point - sorry was using the First Strike text. First cut is 1 damage to your opponent, so you choose the (single) opponent who takes the damage.

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    Still not clear to me something: in my digital copy of the book it says "If you lose the combat, both opponents get to strike against you". And you said that the opponent that wasn't our focus only hits for 1 dmg. Where is that rule written?
    I've played it by giving each a dice roll.

    Also, if I use retaliation type skills, do I hit both of them?
    Or if I use deflect, do I stop both of them from damaging me, and reduce both hp by 2?
    And does second skin prevent piercing claws?(or any other mob skill that has the word piercing in it).

    Thank you, so many questions... But I enjoy it a lot!

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    The rule was changed/updated in Book 3 - The Eye of Winter's Fury.

    In the Legion of Shadow, rules for multiple opponents are given in the encounter text (and there aren't that many multiple combats really).

    In Legion, if you lose a round, then both/all opponents strike against you as if they all won the combat (yes, it is a bit brutal!).

    With deflect/retaliation/overpower, that damage or negation would be against the opponent you were fighting against in the round. The other opponent/s would still strike as normal.

    Yes, second skin prevents any ability with the piercing description that would ignore armour.

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    Thank you!

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