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Topic: Fighting multiple opponents

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  • Fighting multiple opponents

    When I play "Fighting multiple opponents" I must choose who of them take my damage, if I win round. Then I must roll for my attack speed and then roll once for attack speed on every opponent /if there are three monsters roll 2x6 three times/. The highest result win the round. If I have the same result with only one opponent and the others are with low attack speed then me, the round is draw.
    If I lose the round in "The Legion of Shadow" every opponent apply damage at my Health.
    But the rules in "The Eye of Winter's Fury" are "If I lose the round, my chosen opponent strikes against me". What about the others opponents? Why they don't hit me?

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    Hi Marilyn

    Yes, the rules were changed in Winter's Fury because of the high number of encounters with multiple opponents.

    You only roll for attack speed for yourself and the opponent you want to fight. You don't roll for anyone else. So if you win, you apply damage to that opponent. If the opponent wins, they apply damage to you. Others do not roll for attack speed.

    Other opponents actually do hit you - as I think most encounters will have the 'outnumbered' ability (you take 1 damage from each opponent as long as you are faced with multiple opponents). Other fights might have other passives that come into play, forcing your hero to take damage.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    Wrong interpretation of the rules. I searched the site sample battle with multiple opponents and could not find. Now things are clear

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    Hope the rules are clearer now. I may write up a 'multiple opponents' combat walkthrough next week to help clarify. Basically, rule of thumb is that you only ever roll attack speed dice for your hero and one opponent.

    Only exception is team battles, obviously - where you roll for each hero against their chosen opponent; following the rules specific for that encounter.

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    May be the problem is in my poor english I hope this is not vex you. The rules are clear now

  • Re: Fighting multiple opponents

    No problem! Happy to help.

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