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Topic: First strike

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  • First strike

    So does first strike allow you to add your brawn to the damage dice you roll, or is it just basically to begin your passive skills like venom and bleed early. I am finding it awesomely powerful since it ignores armour I can usually hit for 20 or so damage before fight even starts. Not complaining just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking the rules. When combined with piercing skill and gut ripper i take huge health points off my enemies with 2 combat rounds. I feel like a bad ass lol.

  • Re: First strike

    You can't add your brawn to that roll - as the ability states, you can only roll 1 damage die. But you can use a modifier if you wish, such as critical strike, if you want to influence the outcome.

    It is not a combat ability, so you cannot add piercing to it. First strike occurs before combat begins, therefore does not follow the normal rules.

  • Re: First strike

    Ok makes sense I thought it seemed way too powerful. Thanks

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