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Topic: Book 3 special ability questions

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  • Book 3 special ability questions

    Does Sweet Spot work with both Att Spd and Damage and activate passives such as Bleed?

    Does Scarlet Strike activate passives such as bleed?

    Does Fatal Blow last till end of combat or only one round?

  • Re: Book 3 special ability questions

    Sweet spot should only work with attack speed (as per the description in The Heart of Fire) - so that is an errata. It should read:

    Sweet spot (pa): Before a combat begins, choose a number 1-6. Each
    time your opponent rolls a die with this result when rolling for attack
    speed, they automatically take 2 damage.

    Scarlet strikes (like all abilities that cause health damage) will inflict passives, such as bleed.

    Fatal blow only applies to the damage score you are rolling (so only for that combat round).

  • Re: Book 3 special ability questions

    I've got a different one. I noticed last night that Spectral Claws isn't in the list of abilities. Did you leave it out (and maybe others) of the list for spoiler reasons? You said you did that with some of the ones from THoF.

  • Re: Book 3 special ability questions

    Yeah, I think Spectral Claws should have really been there. I probably left it out at the start and then meant to add it back in.

    I will add to the online glossary of abilities (with the Sweet Spot amendment too). Thanks for spotting. The glossary is always a bit of a last-minute nightmare as so many things change or need to get added in. Such fun!

  • Re: Book 3 special ability questions

    Oh, another one for you. This one's not even in the book

    Time shift (from a Talisman in an Elvish box). Stats are still worth it, even if I have no clue what it does.

  • Re: Book 3 special ability questions

    Yes, this was spotted in another thread. It is an old LoS ability:

    I'll add it to the online glossary of abilities.

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