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Topic: Legendary monsters

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  • Legendary monsters

    Do you have to fight legendary monsters before moving on to next map of is it ok/ better to come back after leveling up a bit in the following map?

  • Re: Legendary monsters

    Once you finsh a map I always assumed that you can't go back. When you kill the boss the story moves on to the next map.

  • Re: Legendary monsters

    It's actually not explicit in the rules text, but once you complete an Act (as Perceval says) then you automatically move onto the next stage of the story. This means you can't revisit encounters and quests from the previous map.

    But, of course, it's your book and your experience, so if you want your own 'house rule' that you can return to a map to finish off a particularly annoying legendary monster, then by all means do!

  • Re: Legendary monsters

    I'll confess to resorting to that tactic, skipped back to act2 to kill the megahard dragon.

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