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Topic: Potion uses

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  • Potion uses

    Question about using potions in combat. I understand you can only use one potion in a single combat round. If the potion has 2 uses can I use both? It is still using a single potion but I am choosing to drink all the contents.

    For example if I had a healing potion +4 health and 2 uses could I get the full benefit of +8 in one round? Thanks for any help!

  • Re: Potion uses

    one round = one use

  • Re: Potion uses

    Welcome to the forums, Matune.

    In each combat round you can only employ "one use" of a potion. If a potion has more than one use, it means you can gain its benefit again in a subsequent combat round.

  • Re: Potion uses

    Gah!! No potion spamming then. I thought as much!

    Thank you for the responses.

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