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Topic: Questions

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  • Questions

    Hello, just received the book and got done reading the rules. I'm confused on a couple of things:

    1. For abilities and potions: Are they used/applied BEFORE you roll for speed or after? And if after, can they be used if you lost the speed roll?

    2. Can you use both a potion and an ability at the start of the combat round?

    3. Say you have one item that does 2 venom damage and one that does 3 bleed damage at the end of the round. Do they combine or do you only use the highest one?

    4. How many special abilities can you have at one time? Unlimited amount? So I can theoretically collect all (say there are 10 total) modifier abilities and use all 10 at the start of a combat round?

    Also for book 2 it would be nice if in the combat example in the rules/tutorial section, special abilities and potions are included to help clarify these questions.

    Can't wait to start playing!

    edit: I like how the default avatar has a tumor bulging from his head (guess that's just long hair though for a female)

  • Re: Questions

    Hi Gideoneer

    Welcome to the site. To answer your queries:

    1. Potions can be used anytime in combat, so before or after rolls. It is up to you. Remember that you can only use one potion per combat round. Speed abilities are played before rolling dice. Combat abilities can vary (as their description states). Most are played before rolling dice, but some like rust and cripple can be played once dice are rolled, to add an extra effect to your attack.

    If you look through the hero vs. hero rules here, they will give you a better idea of the structure of combat.

    2. As mentioned above, potions are used whenever you want. You could use a speed and/or a modifier ability if applicable, at the start of the round.

    3. Yes, you can 'stack' (i.e. combine) passive effects. So an opponent could take 2 damage from venom and 1 from bleed at the end of a round.

    4. There is no limit on special abilities - but you can only use special abilities that are applicable to the gear you are wearing and your career choice. When you 'drop/destroy' items or change careers, you lose the abilities associated with those.

    Once you start playing, all will become clear - as the descriptions for the abilities should be fairly clear on their effects. As for collecting 10 modifier abilities, you could do this (!) but some modifier abilities may only be played at certain times (as per their description). For example, some effect speed die rolls, others your damage score etc.

    I take your point about the combat example not using special abilities and potions. I had intended that combat example to show 'basic' combat before all those extra things are introduced to the player.

    Perhaps I will put an 'advanced combat example' up on the website this week, to give players a clearer picture of combat. Although, like I said, the hero vs hero rules and abilities glossary are a good port of call if your are confused (which others players have mentioned on previous threads).


  • Re: Questions

    I've now added an advanced combat example to the downloads page

  • Re: Questions

    I think i'd have risked my charm on round 2 to try and get a better result on the {1} I hate losing rounds and tend to fire my abilities as soon as I can!

    Good idea to post this up, I think it will help lots of new players.

  • Re: Questions

    Might be cool to do one with a high level warrior and show off some of their tanking skills. People seem to struggle with grasping warrior combat.

  • Re: Questions

    Thanks so much for the clarification!

    The Advanced Combat PDF is perfect as well. Everything is crystal now

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