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Topic: KerKlick, Left-Hand Luke, Bleed, First Cut

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  • KerKlick, Left-Hand Luke, Bleed, First Cut

    Hi there. A handful of fairly miscellaneous questions: -

    - The special abilities for Left-Hand Luke (para 320) states that 'for each 1 you roll, you immediately take 2 damage, ignoring armour' (or words to that effect). Does this effect also automatically end the combat round, or does it proceed as normal, taking the '1's as rolled?

    - KerKlick (para 393) has a similar ability. 'If you roll a '1' when rolling for your hero's attack speed, you are immediately caught in KerKlick's pincers and must lose 2 health'. Again, does this automatically end the combat round?

    - Does the 'Bleed' ability inflict one extra damage in the round you first strike your enemy AS WELL AS in all consecutive rounds? Or does this extra, passive damage only begin in the following round? (I guess the same principle would apply to 'Venom'.)

    - Does the 'First Cut' ability apply passive effects such as 'Bleed' and 'Venom'? Certainly, the Assassin's 'First Strike' ability is mentioned as doing so. But if you have, say, Rennie's Slicer or the Mason's Gloves, will 'First Cut' apply passive effects too?

    - And, just to double-check rules clarifications I've found elsewhere on the forum: abilities that modify, say, Speed or Brawn must be declared BEFORE rolling the dice... But potions that have a similar effect can be used BEFORE OR AFTER rolling the dice. Is that right?


  • Re: KerKlick, Left-Hand Luke, Bleed, First Cut

    To answer your queries:

    * Left-hand Luke and KerKlick inflict damage that trigger when you roll a [1]. This damage is in addition to anything else that might happen in that combat round. As soon as a [1] is spotted for your hero, you take the damage. The combat round then proceeds as normal. Same with all abilities/damage that trigger from die results.

    * Passive effects occur at the end of a combat round. First strike takes place 'outside of combat' (before it begins) so passives like venom and bleed don't take effect until the end of the first 'proper' round of combat.

    * First cut does not currently pass on passive effects. Only first strike. But I think that needs to be changed ;-)

    * Modifier abilities can be used whenever you like - before or after rolling dice (some are specific to changing die rolls, so would be used after). Combat abilities and speed abilities must be declared before rolling the dice. For example, you would declare that you are using piercing before rolling your damage score. Then, based on that result, you might want to use a modifier.

    * Potions, like modifiers, can be used whenever you want, before or after rolling. They are precious items so this allows you to use them when they will aid/benefit you best.

  • Re: KerKlick, Left-Hand Luke, Bleed, First Cut

    I found the hero vs hero rules on the site a useful reference for when I could use my different abilities

  • Re: KerKlick, Left-Hand Luke, Bleed, First Cut

    Great. Thanks for that.

    Still a little unclear about when 'Bleed' damage starts, though. If I hit my enemy in the first combat round, does he take 1 point of Bleed damage at the end of the first round (the same round he takes the hit), or does that damage only begin at the end of the second round?

    I'll have a closer look at those player vs player rules, too.

  • Re: KerKlick, Left-Hand Luke, Bleed, First Cut

    It would take effect in the same round. All passive effect damage is determined in the 'passive phase' (i.e. the last step of the combat round). In your example, your opponent would take bleed damage at the end of the same round they are wounded.

  • Re: KerKlick, Left-Hand Luke, Bleed, First Cut

    Crystal clear now. Thanks.

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