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Topic: Order of passive effects

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  • Order of passive effects

    I've come across a combat rule that is annoying me. Passive damage is done at the end of a combat round, I get that part, but does your hero passive effects take precedence over your enemy? I did a combat with my rogue and my venom would have killed the monster but their passive would also have killed me as I only had a few health left. I have been playing it that my heroes passive goes first. I wondered if this was the right way to play.

  • Re: Order of passive effects

    I think they happen at the same time. It says in the PVP rules :-

    This damage is assumed to take place simultaneously.

    I'm guessing it is the same for the encounters in the book.

  • Re: Order of passive effects

    That's correct, passive effects are assumed to all occur at the same time.

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