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Topic: Fear the Bloodkeeper!!!

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  • Fear the Bloodkeeper!!!

    Here is my hero tell me what you think guys:
    Name: Bloodkeeper9
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Assassin(First Strike, Deadly Poisons)
    Stats: 16 Sp, 27 Br, 0 M, 1 A, 45 H, 400 Money
    Title: The Champion Of Light(Bright Shield)

    Head:Budak's Blindfold(3 Br,2 Sp)Second Sight
    Cloak:Gloom Shade(3 Br,2 Sp)Steal
    Gloves:Bracelet Of Fury(4 Br,1 Sp)Adrenaline
    Chest:Confessor's Coat(4 Br,2 Sp)Fortitude
    Feet:Marsh Stalkers(3 Br,2 Sp)Sideswipe

    Main hand:Talanost's Edge(5 Br,3 Sp)Sear
    Left hand:Black Death(4 Br,2 Sp)Critical Strike

    Talisman:Dour's Whetstone(1 Sp)Piercing

    Necklace:Beetle-shell Garment(1 Sp)Charm
    Ring:Finger Of Fire(1 Br)Sear
    Ring:Lupine Lapris(1 Br)Bleed

    Backpack:Compendium Of Dwarven Lore
    Other Items Obtained:Fine Silver Key, Blackbook, Witchfinder's Signet Ring, Photograph, Treasure Map, Plain Gold Ring, Perfect Diamond

  • Re: Fear the Bloodkeeper!!!

    I think its good but you would be better with a swordmaster instead of assassin. You can't use your first strike or deadly poisons abilities because your don't have dagger or venom. Wasting a few skills there.

  • Re: Fear the Bloodkeeper!!!

    i fear you!!!
    I agree with stabby, some really awesome gear but it would be more useful with a different career. That gear in the hands of a swordmaster or witchfinder and then your enemies would really feel the fear ha ha

  • Re: Fear the Bloodkeeper!!!

    Nice build Bloodkeeper!

    Sadly though you can't have gloom shade and black death. The only way you would be able to choose both rewards is to be the pickpocket and have lootmaster.

  • Re: Fear the Bloodkeeper!!!

    Thanks for the tips guys and the reason i have both gloom shade and black death is because at the time i got them i was a pickpocket and ill probs go to swordmaster or witchfinder. Cheers

  • Re: Fear the Bloodkeeper!!!

    You can't have been pickpocket in act 3 and now be an assassin. To get the assassin career you have to kill the albino guy in act2. that would mean you would be taking assassin into act 3 and not the pickpocket. If taht makes sense lol

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