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Topic: Redmont, Witchfinder Extroadinaire

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  • Redmont, Witchfinder Extroadinaire

    Name: Redmont
    Title: The Betrayer
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Witchfinder (Abilities: Judgement, Execution)

    Cloak: Mane of the black lion (+1 Speed, +3 Brawn, Ability: Fearless
    Head: Total Eclipse (+2 Speed, +3 Brawn, Ability: Vanish)
    Gloves: Reaper's Fists (+1 Speed, +3 Brawn, Ability: Critical Strike)
    Main Hand: Talanost's Edge (+3 Speed, +5 Brawn, Ability: Sear)
    Chest: Confessor's Coat (+2 Speed, +4 Brawn, Ability: Fortitude)
    Left Hand: Spit Fire (+2 Speed, +4 Brawn, Ability: Sear)
    Talisman: Third Eye (+1 Speed, Ability: Charm)
    Feet: Ratskin boots (+1 Speed)
    Necklace: Ghoul's Teeth (+1 Speed, Ability: Piercing)
    Ring: Widow's Band (+1 Magic, Ability: Heal)

    Speed: 14
    Brawn: 22
    Magic: 1
    Armour: 0

    I think this is a good build!

  • Re: Redmont, Witchfinder Extroadinaire

    I think you're missing a second ring there.

    Grats on finishing the game with that build. I'm not sure widows band and ratskin boots are great choices for end game imo. You must have passed on loads of upgrades for them? Your boots could be 1 or 2 speed and 2/3 brawn with a decent ability. What is the other ring?

  • Re: Redmont, Witchfinder Extroadinaire

    Aren't the rat skin boots and the ring drops from the very first green quests?? WFs are OP so obvioussly they don't need to worry too much about gear lol

    I would have kept a different main hand or left hand as you got two sear

  • Re: Redmont, Witchfinder Extroadinaire

    Didn't have another ring! Probably should have but didn't bother!

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