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Topic: Orion: shadow ranger

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  • Orion: shadow ranger

    Reporting for duty sir!
    I think I am the first shadow ranger

    Name: Orion Salvo
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Shadow Ranger (Black Rain, Thorn Fist)
    Stats: 16 Speed, 25 Brawn, 3 Armour

    Head: Brain Infusers (+2 Speed, +3 Armour) Lightning
    Cloak: Nemesis shroud (+2 Speed, +3 Brawn) Dark Pact
    Gloves: Bracelet of Fury (+1 Speed, +4 Brawn) Adrenaline
    Chest: Raider’s Tunic (+2 Speed, +4 Brawn) Retaliation
    Feet: Rumblethumpers (+1 Speed, +3 Brawn) Knockdown

    Main hand: Blood Crescent (+3 Speed, +5 Brawn) Cleave
    Left hand: Raven Eye (+2 Speed, +3 Brawn) Bolt

    Talisman: Demon’s Heart (+1 Speed) Trickster
    Necklace: Glacial Shards (+1 Speed, +1 Brawn) Piercing
    Ring: Lupine Lapis (+1 Brawn) Bleed
    Ring: Tooth ‘n Claw (+1 Speed, +1 Brawn) Sideswipe

    I did take a bit of a gamble with this career but worked out well. I realy hope there isa better bow in the next download. Bolt is "alright" but something more awesome would be good

  • Re: Orion: shadow ranger

    Almost the same gear as my berserker!
    I've not quite finished act 3 (last boss encounters to go) but Blood Crescent is on my shopping list.....

  • Re: Orion: shadow ranger

    Thank you for sharing your ranger build, Orion. It's nice to see some good DPS warriors coming to the fore. And yes - I can confirm that there will be an epic bow in The Four Generals content. So, shadow rangers rejoice!

  • Re: Orion: shadow ranger

    When will the Four Generals be ready anyway? Or is it already released? My computer won't let me click it.

  • Re: Orion: shadow ranger

    Not until later in the year I'm afraid. I need to make some headway into the next book before I can assign time to the outstanding download material. I do intend to make it pretty special - it isn't going to be just some 'tough encounters'. ;)

  • Re: Orion: shadow ranger

    What a bad day!

    Just had my pot off my wrist on tuesday, so today I did all of Act 3 (it was AMAZING!) and lo and behold, I've just fell and broke my other wrist and snapped my front teeth! But I just wanted to ask, will DQ2 be about undead again or will it be different? I love jungle things!

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