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Topic: epsilon mage

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  • epsilon mage

    I didn't think i would ever get past that annoying mage hunter and the follow up boss. But I did love the mage air squadron going up against the death orb, fantastic! Made it all worth it

    Here at last I am proud to present my mage

    Name: Epsilon
    Path: mage
    Career: icelock
    Title: champion of light: bright shield
    Stats: 14 speed, 1 brawn, 21 magic, 3 armour

    Head: morgue (2 speed, 4 magic) leech
    Cloak: cloak of the wind (3 speed, 1 armour) surge
    Gloves: abattoir gloves (1 speed, 4 magic) bleed
    Chest: silleer’s robes (1 speed, 3 magic) curse
    Feet: boots of shielding (2 speed, 1 arm our) deflect

    Main hand: frost burn (2 speed, 4 magic) piercing
    Left hand: talanost’s reach (2 speed, 4 magic) critical strike

    Talisman: winter’s heart (1 armour) ice shards, ice shield
    Necklace: eye of shadow (1 speed) haste
    Ring: avatar’s circle (1 magic) overload
    Ring: blood rose (1 brawn, 1 magic) dark pact

  • Re: epsilon mage

    But I did love the mage air squadron going up against the death orb,

    Well done for getting to the end. A shame there is no tailoring recipe so that I could make my very own magic carpet

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