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Topic: Gladiator ready!

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  • Gladiator ready!

    I've just finished the book with a gladiator. What an ending! You may wonder why I picked the gladiator but I decided that I like to play hard mode in games and if gladiator is the least favourite career I decided to give it a go. It was not easy but here are my end game stats

    Name: Blitz
    Path: Warrior
    Career: gladiator
    Stats: 14speed, 19brawn, 9armour

    Head: Ghoul’s collar 2speed 3armour piercing
    Cloak: nemesis shroud 2speed 3brawn dark pact
    Gloves: mortuary gauntlets 1speed 3armour acid
    Chest: skullplate 2speed 3armour dominate
    Feet: rumblethumpers 1speed 3 brawn knockdown

    Main hand weapon: Blood crescent 3speed 5brawn cleave
    Left hand weapon: Fall of angels 1speed 5brawn windblast

    Talisman: Blind dust 1speed decieve

    Necklace: Eye of shadow 1speed haste
    Ring: Splintered band 2brawn retaliation
    Ring: Lupine lapis 1brawn bleed

    There seems to be lack of good gloves for warrior and boots also. I went for a combinaton of abilities that gave me a good selection of win abilities like knockdown and windblast, to get my blood lust. Other abilities are so so. Cleave is good to damage and then bleed lots of enemies. I know this hero could be much better but this is my very first play of the book. It was a lot of fun but it was very tough at times. I died a lot in act 3. I look forward to playing something easier but very happy I did it

  • Re: Gladiator ready!

    Most impressive blitz! You didn't decide to equip your bubbling bile I see? I agree with your comment about itemisation for warriors. Gloves and boots are sorely lacking yet we are inundated with shields, weapons, and chest pieces. I hope four generals when it is released gives us some more item options.

  • Re: Gladiator ready!

    I didn't choose bubbling bile. I don't thnk it is really that good because i would lose a point of speed for an item that also does damage to me. Might be fun to use for some people but I prefer to keep damage on my enemies not me!!

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