Legion of One

Name: Legion
Path: Warrior
Career: Berserker
Stats: speed 14, brawn 14, armour 13

Head: ghouls collar (piercing)
Cloak: pauldrons of might (fortitude)
Gloves: mortuary gauntlets (acid)
Chest: pacemaker (kickstart)
Feet: scouts longboots (sideswipe)

Main hand: spinal tap (impale)
Left hand: lens of blasting (lightning)

Talisman: tiger's fury (berserker)

Necklace: horn of courage (courage)
Ring: splintered band (retaliation)
Ring: leader of the pack (dominate)

Notes: I swapped out some of my brawn items for more armour to play around with the build. Didn't have any problems with the final fight (took me a second try as I tried burning down sharroth with three tentacles up.)