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Topic: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

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  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    I have about brawn 7 but really low speed. I'm working on that.

  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    Hi Krom

    Which enemy are you having trouble with? (There are technically three endings/fights to that quest.) It does sound like your hero could be lacking in some extra abilities, which StarScream has pointed out. If you want to boost speed, then visit the town and have a look at the items for sale from the tinker and clothier. Or invest in two or three speed potions.

  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    Thank you guys for the heads up!

    I rerolled though. Will try to take the same path (i.e. this is not official replaying), just this time with better focus on abilities to gain and rise.

    I found out I can drink potion every combat round. I guess I misread that to 1 in encounter lol.

    p.s. get real dices, random dice generators are not very random...

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