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Topic: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

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  • Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    After much playing about in act 1 and several plays through (my first character did not really know what to be and ended up trying to balance the stats as I had a hankering to try mage but didnt want to give up brawn and I can tell you it didnt really work) I think this is just about the best end of act 1 rogue I can come up with.

    Meran ap Chuchulain
    Health: 35
    Speed: 5
    Brawn: 9
    Magic: 1
    Armour: 3
    Cloak: Crusaders Mantle +1s, Charm
    Head: Trolls Nose Ring +2b, Charm
    Gloves: Half Digested Gauntlets (yuck) +1b, +1a, Acid
    Main Hand: Nightbringer Sword +4b, Might of Stone
    Chest: Web Coated Jerkin +1b, +1a, Webbed
    Left Hand: Rage Claw +2s, Piercing
    Talisman: Demons Heart +1s, Trickster
    Feet: Boar Hide Boots +1s, +1a, Steadfast
    Necklace: Beads of Brilliance +1b, +1m
    Ring: Circle of Thorns Thorns
    Ring: Weather Ring Lightening

    Special Abilities:



    Charm (times 2)
    Might of Stone

    Healing (1 use) +6
    Brawn (1 use) +2b/1rnd
    Speed (1 use) +4s/1rnd
    Healing (1 use) +6

    Other items: Fine Silver Key

    Gold: 145

  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    Dedication pays off! Like you say, that is about the best rogue build you can get for end of Act 1. You're certainly looking in good shape for Act 2. Hope you enjoy!

  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    Cheers Boss, I have enjoyed it. Been away visiting family and I did miss the book for the first day or so. Now I'm back I have a little problem. I bought the first Dragon Age PC game and it has arrived. Thats quite serious competition for your book I'm afraid.

    That said I will recommend Destiny Quest to any fantasy game player I meet. And if anyone is reading this thinking 'shall I get it or not' I can give it a big thumbs up. I've never come across a game book with such an interesting system before. I'll say it is as good as any of the Fabled Lands books overall. And in volume it must be about the size of two of them, maybe two and a half.

  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    I bought Dragon Age 2, despite my reservations about it being 'dumbed down'. So far, after a couple of hours of playing, I'm enjoying it a lot but the combat does feel a little less strategic than its predecessor. The first Dragon Age is superb, however, so I hope that you enjoy it. You can always play DestinyQuest when you need a screen break ;)

  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    Hi guys

    I haven't yet finished the last red quest of Act I.

    My hero at the moment is:

    sp. 4
    br. 5
    ar. 3
    ma. 2

    Abilities - 2 re-rolls, lightning, venom and piercing.

    His devilish tactic is to hit and then the enemy takes a lot of passives dmg per round. Then 1 successful hit (2nd) and I deliver 11 (piercing).

    Unfortunately, maybe the dice odds, maybe I gimped him (i.e. changing a lot of items without general idea), I keep dieing like no tomorrow. Maybe I should start again with more general idea what my vision for him is...

    Any tips ?

  • Re: Meran ap Chuchulain (Rogue)

    Your speed is low but not too bad i think. Have you done any legendary monsters to get some better gear? Seems you should have some more abilities like thorns and savagery maybe?

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