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Topic: Pwning u noobs

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  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    i finally update with my finished mage. i ended up with icelock after having alchemist > necro. I get that i need better boots not caring about boots of shielding so waiting for 4 generals and hope better loot drops

    Name: Kastor
    Path: Mage
    Career: Icelock (ice shards, ice shield)
    Stats: 15 speed 25 magic 2 armour

    Head: Crown of ice (2sp 3ma barbs)
    Cloak: Slipsteam silk (3sp 2ma surge)
    Gloves: Abattoirs gloves(1sp 4ma bleed)
    Chest: Slipstream gown (2sp 4ma overload)
    Feet: rune forge greaves (2sp 2ma)

    Main hand: Frost burn (2sp 4ma piercing)
    Left hand: Torment (2sp 4ma disease)

    Talisman: Winters heart(1a icelock)
    Necklace: eye of shadow (1sp haste)
    Ring: spider sapphire (1m 1a) webbed
    Ring: knights rose (1br 1ma martyr)
    Backpack: arthurian’s horn/flask of healing x3

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Was that your hardcore mode mage? Yeah I think mage boots sucked too.

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    yeas i continued it on to end of game after I died on start of act 3.

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